The total number of Volumes in the Institute Library is at present 65028 ( Seminary 20691) volumes in the library at Mangalapuzha Campus and 71262 at Carmelgiri Campus.
Carmelgiri Campus

Office Secretary
Mr. Jobin K. J.

Asst. Librarians
Sr. Sabeena CTC
Mrs. Deepa Shaji
Mangalapuzha Campus

Office Secretary
Sr. Lissy CTC

Asst. Librarians
Sr. Lizbeth SABS
Mrs. Jenny Thomas

The library of the St Joseph Pontifical Seminary is renowned for its collection of books. It is one of the largest of its kind that exist in seminaries of Kerala. It is called ‘BIBLIOTECUM’ which means library in English. The library is divided into two parts one the Seminary library and the other belonging to the Pontifical Institute. The books are arranged serially and the issue and return of books are according to an internal system. The Reference hall of the library has a seating capacity of more than fifty. The old stack rooms and the archives too form a part of the seminary library which are used only for academic purpose.

1. The student has to produce the identity card of the Institute to the assistant librarian at the counter, if asked for.

2. The Students are allowed to keep only six books at a time. They may keep a book for fifteen days. A fine of one rupee per day on each book will be levied from the defaulters. In case the defaulters fail to return the book even after five days, the matter will be taken up with the Fr. Librarian.

3. The books taken from the library shall be returned when especially called for. Those failing to do so will be subjected to the usual fine.

4. All the library books are to be returned to the library before the study leave and exams of each semester. Those who fail to return the books will not be allowed to appear for the exams.

5. The borrowers shall be responsible for the books borrowed under their names. If a book is found to be damaged at the time of issue, the attention of the assistant librarian should be called for to the fact. All marks made in the books will be considered as damage. 177

6. The loss of a book should be reported to the assistant librarian as soon as possible. The borrowers will be held responsible for replacing the lost books or paying the cost of replacement of the book.

7. Scribbling on pages, tearing pages, cutting off of photos, spoiling the binding, etc. will be considered as serious damage to the books and in such cases they are either to be replaced by new copies or got bound by the borrowers as the case may be, or pay the cost thereof.

8. Personal books, bags, files, umbrellas, etc. should not be taken into the library. They may be left on the desk provided for the purpose at the entrance. However, each student may take notebooks or loose sheets into the library for the purpose of taking notes.

9. Those using the books in the reference section may leave them on the tables. The students in charge of the library will replace them every day.

10. Bound magazines are considered as reference books.

11. The students need not necessarily be allowed to take photocopy from the source books, such as Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Bound Magazines, ancient books, etc.

12. Strict silence is to be observed in the library.

13. Continuous violation of rules and regulations of the library will be viewed seriously by the Librarian and the matter will be reported to the respective superiors of the students concerned.